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My tweets - Gina DC: Continuity Cop
Armed and Clever!
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  • Sat, 20:00: RT @CulturedRuffian: When your Presidential campaign is obviously a wreck, but you keep telling everyone you're winning anyway. https://t.c…
  • Sat, 20:08: RT @DaveWeasel: Unless you're an immigrant, woman, POC, millennial, or making less than $350k/year https://t.co/RsttUqg57O
  • Sat, 20:18: maybe for halloween i'll be 90s me. it's not like i dont still have my JNCOs and ska band t-shirts and whatever :P
  • Sat, 20:19: this break from working on my midterm is already an hour and a quarter long. maybe i should take another pok�walk


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